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You’ve had a recent realization. Or maybe you are coming to terms with feelings you’ve had for some time. Either way, you are now aware you need a divorce. You are very likely overwhelmed by facing what you fear to be a painful transition in your life. You know that divorce will significantly impact your future, that it is the kind of event you should not leave to chance. While you may find it difficult to face the divorce process head-on, it needs to happen. But you don’t have to do it alone. An experienced Minnesota divorce attorney can skillfully advocate for your rights and for a resolution to your case that works for you. 

The divorce lawyers at Atticus Family Law have decades of experience, and they have seen how clients are affected by the divorce process. In the end, what assets, money, & debt assignments a client is awarded can cause them to thrive or it can cause them to fail in the months and years to come. By working to secure an agreement that serves the needs of our clients, we help our clients through their divorce efficiently while also leaving them well-positioned to begin the next phase of their lives.

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